Our story

Let's take a sentimental journey...

...back to a time when the feminine form in all its guises was truly embraced. When dressing for dinner really meant something, timeless elegance was celebrated, and style had no expiration date. This is the place where Sentimental Journey was born. In a by-gone era where sophistication, quality and originality reigned. Translated for you: the modern woman who appreciates and embodies these same virtues today. Welcome to our story, welcome to Sentimental Journey.

Made with heart to last a lifetime

Trends come and go, but our pieces are designed for forever. Graceful, striking and endlessly romantic, our capsule collections draw on vintage references to create one-of-a-kind pieces that embody timeless femininity. Made with heart in Poland by two Poles with a love for the beautiful, traditional and refined. Every one of our pieces are crafted from quality fabrics and thoughtful design for clothing that takes on a story of its own. Created to last a lifetime for your own sentimental journey.

Inspired by You

We allow our inspiration to be guided by women everywhere. Women we know. Women we admire. The Audrey’s, Grace’s & Bette’s of the world. The mothers, daughters and grandmothers of the world. Made to embody, embrace and evoke the feminine form. Made to honour you.

We support Slow Fashion & Better Lives

We believe that slow fashion leads to a better quality of life for everyone. That’s why we create locally made, evergreen, one-of-a-kind, high-quality pieces to support a simpler, more conscious life. Specifically designed for women who value quality over quantity, the timeless over the trending and the present over the future. Live life better, by living life a little slower.