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How to choose the perfect bra to your dress?

The answer to this seemingly easy question is not always obvious and, in fact, often causes us much trouble. Especially, if the event we’re going to attend is important and we want to make sure the bra will go perfectly with our cocktail dress or that gorgeous evening gown. It is worth getting familiar with what lingerie producers actually offer beforehand. After all, we do not want to choose an outfit, for which it is impossible to find the right bra. Especially, if you’re not ready to go braless. Actually, it’s a good idea to have several different bra models at hand to go with several different outfits for several occasions. Do you need a bra to wear with your off-the-shoulder dress? Or maybe to fit your plunging neckline? Are you planning on showing your back? We asked Katarzyna Gralla - bra fitter and owner of Royal Bra boutique in Wrocław - for an advice. And we gathered her tips below.

Cocktail low back dress

One solution to this problem could be a regular bra with a silicone strap on our back. We are, however, not fans of this option as such straps tend to show and spoil the whole effect. It can be a good solution, though, when it’s only a small piece of our bra that may be visible, for example when we move. It won’t draw as much attention as a regular bra would - that’s for sure. Apart from that, it keeps all the advantages of a regular bra - provides support and keeps the breasts in place.

Another option here would be a bra with a lowered band. You do not hook it as you normally do, but you wrap the band around your waist and hook it much lower. Thanks to that, we are able to reveal much more of our back than we would, wearing a regular bra. Of course, due to the lowered band, such a bra will not support us as well as a regular bra would.

And what if we want to go totally backless? Well, this calls for some sort of bravery and may even call for going braless. For those of you ready to go for it, special nipple stickers or silicone self adhesive bras could be a way out. The latter can be just another source of stress, tough, as it can either slip or fall down, when you move.

Cocktail dress with a plunging neckline

If a dress shows off your décolletage, you should go for a bra with a low bridge, a - so called - plunge bra. It gathers the breasts and ensures an impressive and beautiful cleavage. Such a bra model has fixed straps. If the dresses neckline is heart-shaped (sweetheart), we have to make sure the cup is properly cut out. For a very deep V neckline, you should look for a plunge bra that fits it.

Off-the-shoulder dresses and boat necklines

We are really glad that silicone straps are already passé. Luckily, for this type of dresses, lingerie producers are now offering much more discreet and tasteful solutions. A strapless balconette bra has a slightly wider band size and its goal is to stick your breasts to your chest. The balconette has also a higher bridge, which holds our bosom in place, even it’s F or G cup. At first, a higher bridge can seem uncomfortable, though. But that is a balconette’s only drawback and it’s something we can easily get used to. A balconette’s band is usually silicone-lined, which helps to keep the breasts in place.

Finally, dear Ladies, let’s not forget about moisturising your breasts. Lathering a moisturiser daily with a circular motion is a real treat for your skin and it guaranties a beautiful décolletage on your big night out.

Katarzyna Gralla - founder of Royal Bra boutique, bra fitting expert. She graduated from Bra Fitting Academy and completed numerous courses, among others a course on breast cancer prevention.