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Everything you need to know about lingerie part II

Bra’s longevity
Well, that’s another good question - how often should you replace your bra? According to Katarzyna Gralla, around once a year. The first sign that your bra has gotten old is its stretched band - it’s the element that is the most prone to stretching. If we have already hooked the bra, using the last hooks available and we still feel it is riding up, when we put our arms above the head, it means it needs replacing. Another sign saying it’s high time you got rid of that bra are any deformations of the cups. However, don’t worry - if you handle your bra with care, it can last for a good couple of years. What does it mean then?

Take care of your intimates!

Well, care labels on our bras usually suggest hand washing in up to 30 degrees. Let’s face it, though - no matter how deep we are into the idea of slow life, it is sometimes impossible to find time for hand washing. Fortunately, it is enough to do the following - just put your bra into a mesh laundry bag and set the washing machine to the lowest temperature. Thanks to using mesh laundry bags, you make sure your straps will not stretch and the wires will stay in place.

Another important thing influencing the longevity of your bras is how you store them. Avoid folding them in half at all costs, as this can lead to deformation! Instead, try twisting the cups, like in the picture:

Another myth busted, huh?

Of course, you can also use a ready to-go solution called a bra bag. It can be a life-saver not only when it comes to organising your wardrobe, but especially when you’re travelling. They are not small, though and can take up lots of your precious luggage room.

It is also important to remember that your lingerie needs to have good rest regularly. Wearing the very same bra everyday is not recommended. Katarzyna Gralla suggests it’s best to have at least three bras - the one you’re currently wearing, the second one in the laundry and the third one resting peacefully in your wardrobe. Why is it so important? You have to remember that our body’s temperature is ca. 36 degrees - at least 6 degrees more than the washing temperature recommended by the care label. Wearing the same bra a couple of days in a row can impair its elasticity and lead to wearing off faster.

Bra brands

The most popular brands are British: Panache and Freya, French: Simone Perele, Empreinte, Maison Lejaby, and American Wonderbra. While the British brands stress the importance of perfect adjustment, the French ones focus on creating the sense of freedom and comfort. Although Polish brands still have a lot to catch up with, they definitely have shown great potential, and the Polish lingerie market is growing.

Natural fabrics

Because of the role they play, brassieres are usually made of polyester and elastane. Of course, for those of you appreciating natural fabrics, there are bras with cotton elements or cotton lining. Elastane is indispensable, though, as it is thanks to elastane that the bras adjust to our figure perfectly and are able to support our breast the way we want them to.