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Everything you need to know about lingerie part I

Having a perfect bra is a key factor affecting our femininity - it is crucial not only because of its influence on our appearance, but also because its impact on our health. After all, it’s no secret that beautiful and well-fitted lingerie makes us feel special. In fact, femininity is in the centre of Sentimental Journey’s cocktail dresses design and we firmly believe that a right bra is of major importance to the final effect. That’s why we decided to ask an expert for an advice and gathered the ultimate lingerie guide below. Katarzyna Gralla, bra fitter and owner of Royal Bra boutique in Wrocław has answered many of our important questions.

Size does matter

Big time. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a well-fitted bra is a foundation of each outfit. Even the most gorgeous cocktail dress will lose its charm, when our breast doesn’t rest comfortably exactly where it should be. That’s why we really encourage you to ask an expert for an advice. Many boutiques offer bra fitting advice free of charge, while you can be sure the service delivered is of highest quality.

The measurement under the breast should be taken carefully, with the tailor tape tightly wrapped around your ribs. Though most of us don’t even realise that, it is critical to have it done right, as it is the band that supports our breast, not the straps. That’s why it is so crucial for a bra to fit perfectly underneath the bosom, even before we slip the straps on our shoulders. Another measurement will be taken directly around the breasts, with you leaning forward. Thanks to the above, the bra fitter will determine your size! Et voilà!

However, we should remember that a woman’s life is subject to change not only because we lead a busy lifestyle, but also simply because are bodies are governed by hormones. We adapt to the constantly changing circumstances and so does our breast. That’s why it is so important to check up on our bra size once in a while. It especially concerns pregnant and breastfeeding women. We should also remember to have a good sports bra in our wardrobe, so it supports our breasts while we sweat at the gym or go jogging. It’s important, because our breasts are supported by Cooper’s ligaments, which once stretched, never go back to their previous state.

Put your bra on… properly!

Wait, what? What can be so complicated about putting your bra on? Let’s see... think about these mornings, when you’re running late and you are doing your bra up with its hooks in the front, and then quickly turn it around your ribs…? Well, this is the first sign your bra doesn’t fit you properly. It definitely shouldn’t turn around your ribs freely, quite the opposite - once done up,  it should firmly stay in place.

So how to put your bra on properly? Katarzyna Gralla says to first do it up in the back, check if it stays firmly in place and doesn’t go up or down, and then slip the straps on your shoulders. Having done it this way, we can be sure it will do its job properly.

When we have successfully put the bra on, we should now lean forward and gather both our breasts as if from the back to the front (do not squash them, though). We should not forget about this step, otherwise this may lead to an unaesthetic spillage at the sides. Even more! Long-lasting pressure of wires on your breast can lead to formation of dangerous cysts.

Price and quality
It’s not a secret that prices of high-quality brassieres fitted by a bra-fitter are higher than those of bras in popular chain stores. Sure, but you know what? We follow a rule here: we spare no expense on dresses, travels and bras. It’s all about our health after all! Our breast needs to be taken care of. Period. Just so you know - prices of a good bra start at PLN 100. Is it much? It depends on how often we need to buy a new one. More about bra's longevity in the next edition. 

Katarzyna Gralla - founder of Royal Bra boutique, bra fitting expert. She graduated from Bra Fitting Academy and completed numerous courses, among others a course on breast cancer prevention.